May 25, 2020    For Sale: Contact John Foster @ 603-279-5400

King KT 76A Transponder

Working fine when removed for panel upgrade. Includes new antenna connector and pin connector



May 12, 2020                               For Sale: 2018 SPA Panther

Dear EAA Chapter,
My husband, Tim O'Laughlin, passed away in October and left behind a beautiful 2018 SPA Panther, which after much thought and sadness, I am    finally ready to sell. He was a member of EAA Chapter 1379 in Green Cove Springs, FL,

2018 SPA Panther:
Current Annual, Lycoming 0-320, 80 hrs since TOH, 745 hrs SMOH. Slick mags, Skytec starter, Earthex 680C battery. Sensenich ground adjustable prop. GRT Sport SX with external adaptive AHRS/GPS/GSNS.
UAVIONIX Echo UAT ADS-B transceiver combined with GRT Safe-Fly 2020 provides ADS-B “in” and “out” capability. FlightLine FL-760A VHF radio, Sandia STX 165R transponder. GT-50 voltmeter/accelerometer and twin USB chargers mounted on inst panel.  Cleveland wheels and brakes. Vetterman exhausts.  Custom seat belts and seat cushions.  Wings are foldable for trailer transport.  Bruce’s canopy cover.
Beautiful airplane!

(See below for photos)

For further information or more photos, please contact Ken Belisle at kenbelisle@comcast.net

Ken is a good friend of my husband, they built their Panther's side by side, and is quite knowledgeable about this plane.

Thank you so much,
Peggie O'Laughlin

SPA Panther from above Ad

2018 O'Laughlin SPA Panther

2018 O'Laughlin SPA Panther

2018 O'Laughlin SPA Panther


2018 O'Laughlin SPA Panther

2018 O'Laughlin SPA Panther

2018 O'Laughlin SPA Panther


April 24, 2020 Looking to buy an RV-4 or RV-8

John Foster received and email from John Weigele an EAA member based at Winter Haven (KGIF).  He is currently selling his 1941 J3 Cub and has been looking for an RV-4 (or possibly RV-8) in the area. 

If anyone in 288 is looking to sell or if you may know someone who is. please have them contact John Weigele at jweigele2@gmail.com

February 17, 2020  Rick Weiss

For Sale:  Maule Tailwheel, P/N: TW-101 and assembly.  Old, but never used.

$200 for entire assembly.

Please text or call me at 386-679-9817


February 17, 2020  Rick Weiss

For Sale:  Brand New Cheng Shen Tire (11-400-5) and LeakGuard Inner Tube.  This was purchased last week, for my RV-7A model, but I will be returning it unless someone wants to purchase it.  $55 for both.  Will NOT last long.

Please text or call me at 386-679-9817


February 17, 2020  Rick Weiss

For Sale:  This is a used RV Nose wheel with the Anti-Splat sealed bearing and balance mod.  Great condition.  The mod itself is about $250, plus the wheel assembly at about $160.  Will sell for $150 and I'll include a Cheng Shen Tire that's still in really good condition.  

Please text or call me at 386-679-9817


February 14, 2020  Matt Malcomb

Wanted:  I am a new Chapter member, CFI, CFII, MEI and A&P Mechanic from Sanford. FL area wishing to share my skills In order to gain some flight experience with you in your Cessna 182. This will allow me to meet the C-182 flight-hour insurance requirements of the Flying Club where I teach. 

Please text or call me at 407-697-1989.   For local reference: contact Bud Harter 386-453-7847

February 10, 2020  

For Sale:  Smithy Lathe, Mill, Drill

Price:  $2500.00 OBRO

Contact:  Jack Beal  386-405-6578


January 7. 2020

For Sale:  Fixed electric cable winch suitable for rear hangar installation to pull  aircraft 

inside.  $10 to any EAA member.   Ralph  386 589 2014

Oct 23, 2019  Chris Martin   

Wanted:  Dear EAA 288 Members,
As I am making good progress in my Europa plane (yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel), I will be asking for some stuff here in the exchange before I go and buy them new. Right now I am in need of:
1.- An AirGizmo Panel Dock for the Garmin 396/496 GPS.
2.- Ray Allen Elevator Trim Rocker Switch.
3.- Ray Allen LED or Analog trim position indicator.
If you also happen to have Ray Allen stick grips I may be interested depending on the price. Preferably the simple ones (one or four buttons) since I am not building an F-16 🙂
Chris Martin

Oct 22, 2019  Robert (Bob) Monroe

For Sale:  

 - 500×5 Tire and Tube Nose Wheel for RV on rim with bearings 50×5
- RV-Ray Allen Electric Trim System New in box Originally $ 325.0 now only $125.00

Oct. 19, 2019  Jim Stone

For Sale: I have two items for sale.
1. Grand Rapids Avionics VFR WAAS GPS: 3-4 years old, removed when I installed ADSB GPS. In working order and excellent condition. Ready to install with power and ground. 200$ obo.
2. Stratus 2 GPS and ADSB receiver. Excellent condition and comes with suction cup mount and storage case. Battery good for at least 2 hours of flight time. 300$ obo. 

Call or text Jim at 502 235-3599

Oct. 19, 2019  Lynn  O’Donnell

For sale: electric tach. Horizon P-1000 for 6-cyl engine. From a C-180 and currently set up for Redline 2600, green range 2200-2449. $250 obo 


Oct. 1, 2019  Ken Allen     

Need a com only radio to replace Garmin 250xl that is broken and unrepairable and no longer serviced by Garmin. 

Ken, 386-801-0811

Sept. 14, 2019  Robert (Bob) Monroe

VANS RV 9A • $105,000 • FOR SALE. Or 1/3 Shares Available, @ 35,000. Based at 7FL6, Build 2005, ADSB Compliant , 832.0 TT Since Factory New Lycoming O-320 D1A 160HP, Sensenich Fixed Pitch Prop, TT-832.0, MGL IEfis Challenger 10.4 w/Internal 2 axis Autopilot, Synthetic Vision, WASS Certified IFR, Tru-Trak Gemini PFD, Garmin 430, W MGL V-10 Com, PS ENG BT-8000 W/ Bluetooth Audio Panel, Trig TT-21 Remote Transponder, Annual Condition Inspection, April 2019, P-MAG, Slick Mag W Impulse Coupler, Gascolator, Crankcase Vacuum Kit , Tip Up Canopy, Trim and Flaps on Control Stick Anti-Splat Nose Wheel Support /w Fairing, Beringer Nose Wheel, •Cruise @ 150KTS @2400RPM ,@ 8,000 FT or Higher w 8.2 GPH : Contact Bob Monroe, Owner /Partner – located Port Orange, FL United States • 

Call or Text: 908-432-0523

Aug. 19, 2019  Barry Dainas    

I have two items for sale:
GTX-327 Transponder with tray and connector. Only 4 years old. Works and looks great. Pics on request. Replaced this to update my panel avionics. This unit is compatible with UAT ADS’B compliancy units. Asking $500 firm.
KI-209 Indicator with connector. Working perfectly. Replaced this with updated avionics. Pics on request. Asking $500 or best offer.

Aug. 19, 2019  John Foster      

We installed an electronic tach in a Grumman tiger. No longer need the tach cable. It should fit most single engine airplanes. Was working fine when removed.
Free to anyone who needs it