1. When does EAA Chapter 288 hold its regular meetings?

A: EAA Chapter holds its regular meetings on the third Thursday of each month. The meetings are from 7:00 PM to 9:00PM, and are held at 222, Cessna Blvd, in the Spruce Creek Fly In. Driving directions can be found on our chapter website.

2. Why should I join EAA Chapter 288?

A: Becoming a Chapter 288 member has many benefits. Becasue we are one of the largest and most active in the nation, one of the greatest benefits for our members are the other members of our chapter. If you are currently working on a homebuilt project, odds are that there is a 288 member who has experience with the aircraft you are building. The EAA is also at work on a national nevel to protect private pilot’s rights, and the future of general aviation as a whole. To join our chapter, all you need to do is fill out a membership form, and start attending our meetings!

3. What does the EAA do exactly?

A: The EAA works on both a national level, and at a local chapter level. On a national level, the EAA works to continue general aviation in America, and all over the world. Founded by Paul Poberezney in 1953, the Experimental Aircraft Associasion has worked to provide an environment where aviation enthusiasts, home builders, engineers, pilots, and anyone who has an interest in aviation can learn about aircraft and flying. One of the ways they do this is by supporting many local chapters, who provide a technical and social atmosphere for their members to convene and discuss aviation related topics. The local chapters tailor their activities to accomadate their members. Chapter 288 hosts several speakers, special events, and young eagles events each year to help further the spirit of general aviation.

4. Do I have to be an engineer or a pilot to join?

A: No. Although many of our members are engineers and pilots, anyone with an interest in airplanes and aviation may join.

5. Is the EAA affiliated with the FAA or any other government organizations?

A: No. The EAA does work closely with the FAA and other government organizations both on research for future generations of aircraft and pilots, as well as lobbying for pilot friendly laws being passed in Washington D.C., however the EAA, as well as its chapters, are independant non-profit organizations.

6. Can I gain access in to Spruce Creek Fly-In for meetings?

A: Tell the security guard at the gate that you are attending a meeting of EAA Chapter 288 at 222 Cessna Boulevard. You will need to presend a valid photo ID to enter.

7. How much are Chapter 288 dues?

A: Chapter 288 dues for 2019 are $25. Dues can be paid at EAA 288 Chapter meetings.

8. Do I need to be a National EAA member to join Chapter 288?

A: Yes. National EAA dues are $40, and include a subscription to Sport Aviation, the monthly magazine published by the EAA. To join the EAA, visit their website, eaa.org.