Schedule change and EAA Survey

Schedule Change and EAA Survey

Due to a schedule conflict, the builder’s workshop scheduled for this Thursday Oct. 31 must be postponed. I will let you know when we are able to reschedule it.

Also, EAA Headquarters has requested that all chapter members participate in the annual member survey outlined below. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey. Headquarters’s goal is that 25% of all members take the time to do the survey. Please, let’s all of us at Chapter 288 participate. It only takes about 5 minutes.

Dear Chapter Leader,

Welcome to our annual EAA Chapter Member Survey. We believe chapters who participate in this survey will gain feedback to help provide them value added information about their chapter, as well as provide EAA with a snapshot of our chapter network as a whole.

Please forward this email to your chapter membership and encourage your chapter members to participate.

EAA would like to have everyone complete the survey by Sunday, December 1.

To take the survey, click the button below.

Take Survey Now ”

Once the survey is complete, chapter leaders will be sent their chapter’s results, alongside the aggregate results from the entire chapter network. We believe this survey will provide valuable feedback for your chapter.

Chapters having at least a 25% survey participation rate and a chapter membership recommendation score of 8 or higher (out of 10) will receive credit toward the 2019 Chapter Recognition program.


John Egan
EAA Chapters Manager

John Foster
President, EAA Chapter 288
Daytona Beach, FL

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