IMC Meeting Oct.3, 2019

IMC Meeting Oct.3, 2019

The next IMC meeting will be on Thursday October 3, 2019 at 7:00pm at the Spruce Creek fly in POA building, 212 Cessna Blvd. Port Orange

Presenter: Barry Dainas, CFII

This month two scenarios from PilotWorkshop will cover 1) weather deviations in highly congested airspace, and 2) electrical systems failure while practicing IFR approaches in IMC. We’ll also entertain any discussions and concerns from the floor and If time permits Barry will add some tidbits and some short fun quizzes.

All instrument pilots are welcome including wannabes and others looking to gain knowledge when the windscreen becomes milky and the visibility disappears. We all can learn from the workshop discussions concerning the presented scenarios.

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John Foster
President EAA Chapter 288

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