EAA 288 Gathering September 19, 2019

EAA 288 Gathering September 19, 2019

The next gathering of EAA Chapter 288 will be held on September 19, 2019 at Keith Phillip’s hangar 222 Cessna Blvd. Port Orange. (Inside the Spruce Creek Fly in Community)


Our speaker for the 19 September meeting is Spruce Creek’s Bill Stockman, PhD and active aerospace consultant.   When the General Aviation industry crashed in the mid-1980s (sales dropped from 18,000 GA aircraft per year to less than 500), many hoped it was simply a market cycle or adjustment and would come back like it did several times before.   The hoped-for recovery never happened.    In the mid-1990s Bill Stockman spent three years studying the GA industry and its “crash” to determine what happened and if things will ever recover.    This was documented in his book “Crash of General Aviation” which was sponsored by AOPA, Cessna and Piper Aircraft.    Bill will present the highlights of that study, some current data and discuss whether the industry can rebound to its previous sales records.

John Foster
President, EAA Chapter 288
Daytona Beach, FL

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