EAA 288 Gathering July 11, 2019

EAA 288 Gathering July 11, 2019

The next gathering of EAA Chapter 288 will be held in Keith Philip’s hangar, 222 Cessna Blvd, Port Orange (inside the Spruce Creek fly in community) on July 11 2019 at 1900 EDT.

This month marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Rick Weiss will be our speaker this Thursday evening. Rick was a launch operation engineer for NASA during the Apollo Program having launched all the manned Apollo missions. It’s no secret that the USA was successful in this mission, however, not many of us have had the opportunity to see how this was really accomplished at Kennedy Space Center. He will provide us a brief history of the Program as well as an insider’s look at the Saturn V Rocket and the KSC facilities used to launch the most powerful machine ever built

Should be a very interesting presentation.

Volunteers are needed for chair set up / hangar configuration on Thursday, July 11: show time 5:30. A workforce is also needed on Friday morning for Clean-Up. We will convene at 9:00. Thanks in advance for The Teamwork.

John Foster
President, EAA Chapter 288
Daytona Beach, FL

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