New Online YE Pilot Registration

Bob Dylan wrote, “The Times They Are a Changing” and boy was he right.

After much beta testing at over 150 Young Eagle events EAA has released the new Online Registration for pilots, volunteers and participants in Young Eagle events and it is truly a paperwork reducing game changer.

As a Young Eagle Volunteer Pilot you register on the site ONCE and your information is there whenever and wherever you fly Young Eagles.


Go to click SIGN UP in the top right and register as a Young Eagle Pilot.

The sign up form comes up and if you wish you can click VIDEOS in the top menu bar and watch a HOW TO SIGN UP tutorial.

Fill out your information, and yes create a new password as this site is not linked to your EAA member information.

When you click on Young Eagle Pilot it will open blanks to fill out your aircraft information. I know some of us fly numerous aircraft, just fill out information on the aircraft you most normally use to fly Young Eagles, it is very easy to change aircraft if needed. There is also a blank marked USEFUL LOAD. It should be labeled YOUNG EAGLE USEFUL LOAD because we want you to enter how many pounds of kids you can take in your aircraft.

Click on SUBMIT and your information is stored for use, and your paperwork automatically filled out, whenever you fly Young Eagles.

We will be using this program at our June 15th Burns School private Young Eagles Event

Thanks for flying Young Eagles.


Jim Clark
EAA Chapter 288 Young Eagles Coordinator
(785) 210-7500


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