Project Tin Goose

Project Tin Goose

Dear Chapter 288 Members,

As was mentioned at the meeting on March 21, EAA National is attempting to raise $160,000 from chapters that have hosted a Tri-Motor event in recent years. The money is to be used to replace the 90 year old wings on the Tin Goose. Below is the email describing the fundraising project.

Chapter 288 has agreed to contribute $1000.00 from our bank account to the project. If you are interested in making an additional contribution, please follow the instructions contained in the email. Be sure to indicate that you are a member of Chapter 288.

We have 300 members in the chapter, if everyone contributed $20.00 each, that would be outstanding!

Thank you in advance,
John Foster
President, EAA288
Daytona Beach, FL


Project Tin Goose – Keeping EAA’s Tri-Motor flying

Good Morning John,

I am contacting you today to see if your chapter would be willing to support “Project Tin Goose”. Hopefully this email will help you bring your chapter leadership up to speed to decide if you want to participate in this chapter challenge.

Last year, after a routine inspection, EAA made a proactive decision to replace the original 90 year old wings on the EAA Tri-Motor. Although some big donors have already stepped up, additional funds are needed.

As a chapter that has hosted a Tri-Motor stop in recent years, we are challenged to raise $160,000 of the $1 million required to return the aircraft to service. The question is if your chapter can commit to raising a specific dollar amount in your local community. Any amount of funds are welcome but there are incentives for chapters who embark on serious fundraising. Funds may be raised in many ways, including a special solicitation in your community or from chapter activities. The online website below may be used, provided donors designate your chapter.

Attached is a Participation Form to signal your chapter’s willingness to partner with EAA on this project. We encourage your chapter to set an initial fundraising goal, but this does not constitute a formal legal commitment. Once completed, please send the form back to me at We are looking to have all commitments by April 30th.

Some resources

Project Tin Goose website to donate funds:
Donors should indicate your chapter 288
Your chapter will be recognized at the bottom of the page if you commit to help!

Please feel free to contact me at the number below or with any questions or concerns. I stand to be a full partner in guiding and implementing your efforts.
Thank you for your consideration!

Robin Kasel, EAA #1101159
Major Gifts & Donor Stewardship Officer
EAA-The Spirit of Aviation
Phone: 920.426.6507
Fax: 920.426.6560

See you at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh- July 22 – July 28, 2019

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