New feature for EAA 288 members!exchange2.jpng

Here is your opportunity to list parts, planes and/or partnerships that you want or that you have and want to get rid of.

Post your “listing” as a comment below. Identify your request as

  • ASK – you want or need something – a part, a partnership, some advice
  • PUT – you have something to sell, trade or donate

You must include your name and email address. Your listing will be reviewed and approved before it shows up here.

This is a “pilot project” – we will see how this works out

Check back frequently to see what new stuff has been added.


  1. I’m a new resident at Spruce Creek and looking for anyone who might be interested in selling a share of their aircraft . I’m interested in a Glasair 3 or super 2 , Lancair 360 , possibly a RV 6 or 7
    My mission is crosscountry and light sport aerobatics . I would really like something with an 800 to 1000 mile range .
    Any aircraft with a 200+ mph cruise , aerobatic capable and good range I would consider .
    My max budget would be 75k and I would be fine with a partership of 2 but not more than 4 people .
    I’ve flown a V tail Bonanza for the last 17 years and owned a cherokee and Aronca before that . I have 28 years total as a VFR pilot .

    Call or text 760 417 1625
    e-mail –


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